1st year students IBS meet businesses

Xplore Grunn made the arrangements

Only just having been 3 days at school, the freshmen of the International Business School got a sneak peek how working life after study could be. They went to visit internationally oriented companies like Hooghoudt, IBM, IKEA, Decathlon and Centraal Staal (part of Central Industry Group). The company visit was part of their introduction week.

The first days for the brand new students were filled with activities to get to know the schedule, books, building and campus. The Thursday afternoon was dedicated to get to know their fellow students and to discover the city, as most of the companies are not situated in the city centre.

Senior students guided the groups to their locations as mentors. The companies gave an introduction about their company, gave a tour and introduced a case to be solved in small groups.  

Carina Havenga de Poel of Xplore Grunn made the arrangements with the companies possible.

About IBS

More than 70 nationalities follow this 4-year program that prepares the students for a successful and valuable career in international business. The training is entirely in English and can also be accelerated in 3 years. Furthermore a German first year is offered under the name “Betriebswirtschaft”.

About Xplore Grunn

Xplore Grunn organises discovery trips and adventure tours through the city and in the province of Groningen. From playground bicycle tours to company outings. Or an introductory day for first-year students to explore the city and its organisations. That is also possible. Xplore Grunn takes care of it, out of the ordinary!