Xplore Grunn in Groninger Gezinsbode

Akke Boonstra, freelancer voor o.a. de Groninger Gezinsbode, is 5 augustus mee geweest op speeltuinenfietstocht. Ze heeft er een super leuk artikel over geschreven: “Op jacht naar verborgen speeltuinen in Groningen”.  De link gaat naar de digitale versie van de wekelijkse huis-aan-huis krant van Groningen.

Elke woensdag ploft de papieren versie bij ruim 90.000 inwoners van de stad op de mat. Een mooie promotie van de tochten!

Xplore Grunn organised city and company tour for freshmen IBS

The 1st year International Business School students at Hanze University explored the city last week and paid a company visit at various locations in Groningen. Xplore Grunn arranged the business locations on this introductory afternoon.

Hooghoudt, Wall House, IBM, The Student Hotel, BaxBier and Gropo contributed to the company visits and gave a glimpse into their company in Groningen to more than 500 students in total divided over 15 different classes. The students heard about the origin, the structure of the organisation and were given a tour. At some locations they even worked in small groups on a concrete assignment. So each group got a different story.

Oktje Lambermont, Acadamic Advisor at the International Business School, tells enthusiastically about the company visit of her class to IBM: “The students thought it was impressive! Not only the building and the story, but also because they were immediately put to work in their first week. Divided into small groups they were given an assignment in marketing and strategy and had to present it at the end. That way they had to work together right away and they got to know each other better!”.

About IBS
More than 70 nationalities follow this 4-year program that prepares the students for a successful and valuable career in international business. The training is entirely in English and can also be accelerated in 3 years. In addition, there is German direction, the 3-year International Betriebswirtschaft.

About Xplore Grunn
Xplore Grunn organises discovery trips and adventure tours through the city and in the province of Groningen. From playground bicycle tours to company outings. Or an introductory day for first-year students to explore the city and its organisations. That is also possible. Xplore Grunn takes care of it, out of the ordinary!

Bike trip through Groningen for international students

The first event was a bike trip for international students to discover some highlights that they never had seen before. We cycled more that 25 kilometers: see route. Meeting point was Groninger Museum.

It was great that Gonneke opened the doors of her boat called “Hoop doet leven” (Hope brings/gives life) , so that we could have a peek inside her life living on a ship.

Then we walked around the Wall House. If you are interested in learning more about this amazing architecture have a look at Wikipedia. On Saturday and Sundays you can visit this great building divided with a wall, see opening hours.

After seeing Kaap Hoorn and the ‘beach’ of Hoornse Meer we had a picknick with hagelslag and pindakaas (peanut butter) and new combinations were invented: banana with hagelslag!

We also visited a “hofje”, de St. Anthony Gasthuis. For more info about “hofjes” you can read on Wikipedia.  There is also a “hofje” in one of the popular nightlife streets Peperstraat. If you are there during day-time you can check if the door handle opens and then you are free to have a look around respecting the privacy of the habitants. For more info see also Wikipedia.

Benny offered us coffee and tea in his 27 square meter container dwelling. Did you expect that a living area, sleeping area, music area, study area, shower & toilet and kitchen area would fit into this long but narrow space?

Then we visited Dot and the city beach. There were 2 persons even swimming!! How brave!! And you really liked the graffiti and made lots of nice pictures there.

Then we visited the romantic Prinsentuin. In summer time it is a nice place to rest at the Theeschenkerij wich will be open from April – October between 10-18 hrs when the weather is acceptable. And from 14-16 July poets will be reciting their poems.

Via the Noorderplantsoen and de Voermanhaven we went to the Reitdiephaven to see the colourfull houses that you find when searching the internet for photos of Groningen. It is one of the most photographed places of Europe. Some even call it small Curaçao.

And after this long bike trail, playing Mikado and listening to merry folk music from OASJ we deserved the fresh made pizza by Capricia Ita in de Wolkenfabriek who invites every week different caterars, cooks and groups to cook in the restaurant. Every week they have this Wolk-in (15.00-22.00 hrs), see http://dewolkenfabriek.com/agenda for the agenda.